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  1. catabolite repression
    the presence of glucose which inhibits use of other carbon sources
  2. vertical gene transfer
    genes are passed from an organism to its offspring
  3. horizontal gene transfer
    genes passed to other microbes of the same generation
  4. 3 types of horizontal gene transfer
    • 1. transformation
    • 2. conjugation
    • 3. transduction
  5. transformation
    transfer of genes between bacteria as "naked" DNA
  6. competence
    recipient cell is in state that allows it to take up DNA
  7. plasmid
    circular piece of DNA; replicates independently from chromosome
  8. resistance factors (R factors)
    plasmids that carry toxin, antibiotic resistance, etc. genes
  9. pathology
    study of disease
  10. etiology
    the cause of disease
  11. pathogenesis
    the way a disease develops
  12. infection
    invasion or colonization of body by a pathogen
  13. disease
    occurs when infection results in change of health
  14. normal microbiota
    colonize the body but don't normally produce disease
  15. transient microbiota
    present for days-weeks and then disappear
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