Medication Management

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  1. How is medication management defined?
    The level of assistance the client will need to manage his/her medications.
  2. What is the self-administration category for medication management trying to capture?
    • The highest level of support that client may needed.
    • Does not include set-up.
  3. How is Medication self-administration coded?
    • Independent
    • Assistance required
    • Must be administered
    • Self-Direction
  4. How is Independent defined?
    Client remembers to take own medications as prescribed and will manage own administration independently.
  5. How is Assistance Required defined?
    • Reminding or coaching client
    • Handing the medication container to client
    • Using an enabler to assist client in getting med to mouth
    • Placing medication in client's hand
    • DOES NOT INCLUDE: Assistance with intravenous medications or injectable medications. The client must have an awareness that they are taking medication.
  6. How is Must be administered defined?
    Medication must be placed in the client's mouth and applied or instilled to the skin or mucous membrane OR client is not aware that he/she is taking medication.
  7. How is self-direction defined?
    Client with functional disability that prevents them from performing a health-care function that he or she would normally do who chooses and is able to self-direct medication assistance or administration
  8. Who can administer medications to clients?
    • Client can self-administer
    • Family IPs (whoever client calls family)
    • Informal supports (e.g. family, friends)
    • Paid providers (non-family) under nurse delegation.
    • Individual Providers who are "self-directed" by client
    • RNs, LPNs
  9. Who can fill a Medi-set?
    • MD
    • RN
    • LPN
    • Pharmacist
    • Family
    • Informal Caregivers
    • Self-Directed
  10. How do you know if an over-the-counter (OTC) topical medication can be done by IP/Agency provider?
    • If it is a topical cream used for prevention it can be done by an IP/Agency Provider.
    • If it is a topical cream that is a treatment, it is considered medication administration. (E.g. anti-fungal creams for a yeast infection, hydrocortisone for a psoriasis outbreak)
  11. If client directs medications, what should be included in the comments screen?
    • A description of the care
    • Name of prescribing healthcare provider
  12. How is status and assistance available scored for medication management?
    Same as for other ADLs
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