Be verbs

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  1. I am
    Unë jam
  2. you are (ti)
    ti je
  3. he is
    ai është
  4. she is
    ajo është
  5. we are
    ne jemi
  6. you are (ju)
    ju jeni
  7. they are (m)
    ata janë
  8. they are (f)
    ato janë
  9. I was
    unë isha
  10. you were (ti)
    ti ishe
  11. he was
    ai ishte
  12. she was
    ajo ishte
  13. we were
    ne ishim
  14. you were (ju)
    ju ishit
  15. they were (f)
    ato ishin
  16. they were (m)
    ata ishin
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