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  1. Acute otitis media s/s
    • ear pain
    • irritability
    • less than 25% have fever
    • rarely drainage of fluid
  2. In acute otitis media with effusion which is not present

    Question from last year

    Does not have to be treated with antibiotics
  3. First line tx for acute otitis media
  4. DOC for strep pnemonia
    amoxicillin clavulanate
  5. Antibiotics in COPD exacerbation
    • uncomplicated- macrolide
    • complicated- augmentin
    • high risk- cipro
  6. Community acquired pneumonia in peds. Treat with....
    • Bacterial- amoxicillin
    • atypical- azithromycin
  7. C-diff treatment
    first time tx
    recurrent tx
    • metronidazole
    • vancomycin- oral
  8. DOC for trichomonas
    • oral metronidazole
    • or
    • Tinidalzole
  9. DOC for bacterial vaginosis
    • oral or topical metronidazole
    • or clindamycin
  10. DOC for candida vaginal infection
    oral or topical imidazole for patient only
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