Tech- Hematologic Emergencies (Part 2)

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  1. What is the most useful tool assessing the bone marrow's response to anemia? (Indicates regenerative vs. non-regenerative)
    reticulocyte concentration
  2. What are reticulocytes and what type of stain is best used to see them?
    • immature RBC w/ organelles present
    • NMB
  3. How long does it typically take to see a response from the reticulocytes?
  4. What are 2 types of reticulocytes found in cats and which one is counted?
    • punctate and aggregate
    • aggregates
  5. What are some signs of regenerative anemia and which is the best sign to determine?RNH
    • reticulocytes***
    • nRBC's
    • howell jolly bodies
  6. What is the average lifespan of a feline RBC?
  7. What is the average lifespan of a canine RBC?
  8. What is the average lifespan of a equine RBC?
  9. What is the parasite name for feline Hemobartonella?MH
    mycoplasma haemofelis
  10. What is the common name for mycoplasma haemofelis?FIA
    feline infectious anemia
  11. When looking for feline hemobartonella, which stain is used?
    wright's stain
  12. When looking at feline hemobartonella, why should you use whole blood instead of anticoagulated blood?
    b/c these will cause the organism to detach from the cell wall
  13. Babesia canis is a blood parasite commonly aquired how?
    through the bite of the brown dog tick
  14. Babesia canis is the causing agent of what dz?P
  15. What is rouleaux and what species is it considered normal in?
    • stacking of RBC's
    • horses
  16. What is agglutination?
    How does it occur?
    • clumping of RBC's
    • antibodies to the RBC's are present on the cell wall causing them to stick
  17. Anisocytosis
    abnormla variation in RBC size
  18. Poikilocytosis
    abnormal variation in RBC shape
  19. Hypochromic
    dec straining
  20. When are hypochromic cells seen?
    • low Hgb
    • low iron
  21. What are schistocytes a result of?
    shearing from intravasuclar trauma
  22. When are schistocytes seen?DVI
    • DIC
    • vascular neoplasias (hemangiosarcomas)
    • iron deficiency
  23. Acanthocytes are irregular projections. AKA spur cells. When are they seen?ALHH
    • altered lipid metabolism
    • occasional liver dz
    • hepatic lipidosis
    • hemangiosarcoma of liver in dogs
  24. Echinocytes aka burr cells have uniform projections. When are they commonly seen?RLRS
    • renal dz
    • lymphosarcomas
    • rattlesnake envenmoations
    • slow drying blood cells
  25. Keratocytes aka blister or helmet cells are what?
    pseudovavuolated cells that form intravascular trauma involving the bisection of fibrin strands
  26. Keratocytes are seen with what?
    • liver and kidney dz
    • hemangiosarcomas
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