cold war

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  1. who is joseph stalin?
    leader of soviets
  2. who made the iron curtain
    winston churchill
  3. easy germany government
  4. west germany government
  5. Marshall Plan:
    • helped build strong bonds with US and Europeans
    • attempted to help soviets but they turned it down
  6. Asked for $400 million in political, military, and economic assistance for Turkey and Greece
    truman doctrine
  7. containment
    George F Kennan
  8. adopted in late 1940’s to stop spread of communism by providing military and economic aid to countries opposing the Soviets
  9. MAO Zedang
    leader of china
  10. mutually assured destruction
    after Soviets dropped atomic bomb in 1949, US issued MAD because Soviets and US knew it would be bad for direct conflict
  11. U.S. senator who conducted communist “witch hunts”
    joseph mccarthy
  12. U.S. senator who conducted communist “witch hunts”
  13. U.S. senator who conducted communist “witch hunts”
    nikita krushev
  14. pledge to use overwhelming force, including nuclear weapons, to settle a serious conflict
    massive retaliation
  15. strong threats of war that made action
  16. hydrogen bomb made
    fusing together hydrogen atoms
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