PHRD5045 Pharmacy Law - CO Pharmaceutical Practices Act (Exam #2)

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  1. Casual Sale
    transfer, delivery, or distribution of Rx drugs to non-consumers
  2. casual sales cannot exceed ___% of total number of drugs dispensed/distributed on an annual basis by outlet
  3. casual sales cannot exceed ___% of total number of controlled substances  dispensed/distributed on an annual basis by outlet
  4. NOT included in the definition of Pharmaceutical Care
    prescriptive authority
  5. PDO
    prescription drug outlet
  6. has direct control of 1 PDO
    Pharmacy Manager
  7. unlicensed person who performs (31)(b) duties under supervision of a pharmacist
    Pharmacy Technician
  8. (31)(b) Practice of pharmacy
    • drug/device: preparation, mixing, assembling, labeling, delivery, storage, & record keeping 
    • includes compounding

    duties of Pharmacy Technician
  9. (31)(a) Practice of pharmacy
    • interpretation, evaluation, implementation, & dispensing of orders
    • patient counseling
    • drug research
    • pharmaceutical care

    duties of Pharmacist
  10. (39) Supervision
    pharmacist must be on location and readily available to consult with and assist pharmacy technicians
  11. SBOP main powers/duties (4)
    • 1) investigate violations
    • 2) grant/renew licenses/registrations
    • 3) deny/suspend/revoke licenses/registrations
    • 4) promulgate compounding rules
  12. malpractice claims must be reported to
    SBOP by insurance companies for pharmacists & self-insured pharmacies/pharmacists
  13. how long CO pharmacist license is good for
    2 years
  14. when a CO pharmacist license expires/must be renewed by
    10/31 of ODD numbered years
  15. how long CO pharmacy registration is good for
    1 year
  16. when a CO pharmacy registration expires on/must be renewed by
    10/31 annually
  17. amount of CE required for license renewal
    • 24hrs
    • (no CE req'd for first renewal after obtaining license if w/in 1 year of pharmacy school completion)
  18. how long a pharmacy owner has to transfer State Board Registration to a new manager if the current one terminates employment
    30 days
  19. how long a pharmacy manager has to notify Board if they terminate employment
  20. what PDO must display (2)
    • Board registration w/ owner's & manager's name
    • pharmacist & intern licenses
  21. how many technicians a pharmacist can supervise
    up to 3
  22. requirements of supervised techs
    • 1 tech must have 1 of below:
    • certification by national board
    • pharm tech training degree
    • 500hrs experience at the pharmacy
  23. intern/tech ratios allowed to be supervised by a pharmacist
    • 2 interns
    • 2 interns, 1 tech
    • 1 intern, 2 techs
  24. pharmacist may refill w/o IP authorization if (4):
    • 1) tried to contact IP
    • 2) necessary for pt's health
    • 3) up to 72hr supply
    • 4) old Rx does NOT state "no emergency fillings"
  25. is there liability to the pharmacist of PDO for emergency refill refusal?
  26. required on Chart Orders (4)
    • 1) hospital name
    • 2) pt name/location
    • 3) drug & precautions
    • 4) expiration date
  27. required on prescription label of anabolic steroid
    purpose for the Rx (ex: breast cancer, sex change)
  28. when pharmacist may substitute generic drug (4)
    • 1) equivalent
    • 2) communicated to pt verbally & in writing
    • 3) Rx label/file: prescribed & substituted drug name
    • 4) cost to pt is less than prescribed drug
  29. when pharmacist may NOT substitute generic drug (3)
    • 1) initialing of "dispense as written" or "DAW" box
    • 2) MD hand/electronic signing "do not substitute" or "DAW"
    • 3) orally by IP
  30. facsimile of signature or preprinted initials allowed for "dispense as written"?
  31. time pharmacist has to notify SBOP of ANY criminal conviction, deferred judgement, or pharmacy discipline in another state
    30 days
  32. length of time Rx issued for CS III-V is valid for
    6 months
  33. 5 types of disciplinary action as stated by CO PPA
    • 1) refusal to renew, suspension, revocation
    • 2) letter of admonition
    • 3) confidential letter of concern
    • 4) conditions on license (exams, training, supervision, scope of practice restrictions)
    • 5) PHARMACIES may be fined $500-5000/violation
  34. In regards to electronic monitoring of Rx drugs, specific individual data is available to these groups (4)
    • 1) IPs prescribing a CS to a current pt/monitoring a pt in CS abuse program
    • 2) pharmacists (NOT interns) in a clinical setting or dispensing CS to current pt
    • 3) law enforcement officials w/ court order for specific pt or IP
    • 4) pt who receives a CS (must contact PDMP)
  35. PDMP
    • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
    • monitors controlled substance rx use & prescribing
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