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English words

English words
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  1. elaborate/ɪˈlab(ə)rət/
    1. involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning."elaborate security precautions" сложен synonyms:complicated, detailed, intricate, complex, involved, tortuous, convoluted, serpentine, tangled, knotty, confusing, bewildering, baffling;
  2. elaborate on someone or something
    to give additional details about someone or something. Would you care to elaborate on that? I want to know more about Kelly. Could you elaborate on her?
  3. mitigate/ˈmɪtɪgeɪt/
    • :1. make (something bad) less severe, serious, or painful."drainage schemes have helped to mitigate this problem"synonyms:alleviate, reduce,
    • diminish, lessen, weaken, lighten, attenuate, take the edge off, allay,ease, assuage, palliate, cushion, damp, deaden, dull, appease, soothe, relieve, help, soften, temper, still, quell, quieten, quiet, tone down,
  4. enforce/ɪnˈfɔːs,ɛn-/
    • 1. compel observance of or compliance with (a law, rule, or obligation)."the role of the police is to enforce the law"synonyms:impose, apply, carry out, administer, implement, bring to
    • bear,
  5. forgery
  6. tentative/ˈtɛntətɪv/
    1. not certain or fixed; provisional."a tentative conclusion" synonyms:provisional, unconfirmed, unsettled, indefinite, pencilled in, preliminary, експериментален пробен
  7. relay /rilei/
    смяна, предавам писмо от поща до поща, реле
  8. lawsuit /lo:sju:t/
    съдебен процес
  9. gob
    храчка, плюя
  10. is hosed
  11. deception
    лъжа, измама
  12. resort/rizort/
    прибягвам, обръщам се to
  13. disclosure
  14. prospective
    бъдещ, предстоящ
  15. litigation/lɪtɪˈgeɪʃ(ə)n/
    1. the process of taking legal action.
  16. legalhold
    a process which an organization uses to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated
  17. anticipate/anˈtɪsɪpeɪt/
    1. regard as probable; expect or predict."she anticipated scorn on her return to the theatre"synonyms:expect, foresee, predict, think likely, forecast, prophesy, foretell, contemplate the possibility of, allow for, be prepared for
  18. deliberate/dɪˈlɪb(ə)rət/
    1. done consciously and intentionally."a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict"synonyms:intentional, calculated, conscious, done on purpose, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, wilful, wanton, purposeful, purposive, premeditated, pre-planned, thought out in advance, prearranged, preconceived, predetermined
  19. dispatch
  20. vow/vaʊ/;
    1. a solemn promise.synonyms:oath, pledge, promise, bond, covenant, commitment, avowal, profession, sworn statement, affirmation, attestation, assurance, word, word of honour, guarantee
  21. overhear
  22. to nail something down
    To make something certain or final
  23. gust
    порив на вятъра
  24. endeavour/ɪnˈdɛvə,ɛn-/
    try hard to do or achieve something."he is endeavouring to help the Third World" synonyms:try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out
  25. I'll admit that
    ще допусна
  26. allude/əˈl(j)uːd/
    1. suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at."she had a way of alluding to Jean but never saying her name"synonyms:refer to, suggest, hint at, imply, mention, touch on, mention in passing, mention en passant, speak briefly of, make an allusion to, cite;
  27. acknowledge/əkˈnɒlɪdʒ/
    1. accept or admit the existence or truth of."the plight of the refugees was acknowledged by the authorities"synonyms:admit, accept, grant, allow, concede, confess, own, appreciate, recognize, realize, be aware of, be conscious of
  28. cognitive
  29. mutable/ˈmjuːtəb(ə)l/
    1. liable to change."the mutable nature of fashion"synonyms:changeable, variable, varying, fluctuating, shifting, inconsistent, unpredictable, inconstant, uncertain, fluid, erratic, irregular, uneven, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, protean, chameleon-like, chameleonic
  30. skew
    несиметричен наклонен
  31. revolve
    въртя се
  32. incite/ɪnˈsʌɪt/
    1. encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behaviour)."they conspired to incite riots"synonyms:stir up, whip up, work up, encourage, fan the flames of, stoke up, fuel, kindle, ignite, inflame, stimulate, instigate, provoke, excite, arouse, awaken, waken, inspire, trigger, spark off, ferment, foment, agitate for/against;
  33. disclaimer
    отказване от права, отричане

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