Urinary System Function

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  1. Function of urinary system
    To maintain the body's state of homeostasis by regulating fluid & electrolytes, removing wastes, & providing hormones involved in RBC production, bone metabolism, & control of blood pressure.
  2. Urinary System structure
    • 2 Kidneys
    • 2 Ureters
    • Bladder
    • Urethra
  3. Carries urine from Kidneys to Bladder
  4. Temporary storage of urine and its elimination
  5. Carries urine from Bladder to Exterior
  6. Elimination of urine
    • Ureters
    • Bilateral tubes about 10-12" (25-30 cm) long
  7. 2 Kidneys
    • Sit behind the peritoneum on either side of the spine.
    • Right kidney is situated lower than the left because of the liver.
    • Highly vascular, bean shaped organs-size of a clenched fist
  8. Hilum
    Known as notch located at the inner concave surface of ea. kidney. where the ureters, renal artery, renal vein, lymphatic vessels, & nerves enter or exit.
  9. Renal fascia
    A dense layer of connective tissue protects & anchors the kidney.
  10. Each kidney has 3 distinct regions
    • Cortex-outer layer contains glomeruli, small clusters of capillaries. The glomeruli are part of the nephrons, the functional unit of the kidney.
    • Medulla-inner portion of the kidney, nephrons for the renal pyramids, which channel the urine in to branches of the innermost region, the renal pelvis.
    • Pelvis-cavity or inner area. It is hollow & collects urine as it passes out of the collecting ducts (from the medulla) & urine is channeled from the pelvis through the ureters & into the bladder for storage.
  11. Nephron
    • The structural & functional unit of the kidney.
    • It processes the blood to make urine.
    • Urine is formed in the nephrons (1 million nephrons in ea. kidney)
  12. Two major parts of a nephron
    • Renal corpuscle & Renal tubule
    • A renal corpuscle consists of a glomerulus (capillary network surrounded by Bowman's capsule) expanded end of a renal tubule & encloses the glomerulus.
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