Nursing 122 Communication

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  1. What logical fallacy involves attacking a person instead of the issue?
    Ad Hominem Abusive
  2. What logical fallacy involves using the mindset that it's okay because "everyone does it"?
    Appeal to Common Practice
  3. What logical fallacy involves making someone feel sorry for you?
    Appeal to Emotion
  4. What logical fallacy involves justifying something just because "that's the way we've always done it"?
    Appeal to Tradition
  5. What logical fallacy involves saying that one event causes another just because it's happened once or twice? (e.g. correlation between bad behavior and full moon)
    Confusing Cause and Effect
  6. What logical fallacy involves making conclusions based on a small number of examples? (e.g. Beemers being pulled over)
    Hasty Generalization
  7. What logical fallacy involves trying to avoid the topic by talking about something else?
    Red Herring
  8. What logical fallacy is the assumption that one event will lead to another without any real support for that belief?
    Slippery Slope
  9. What logical fallacy happens when a person's position gets misinterpreted?
    Straw Man
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