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  1. This projection demonstrates a ____  view of the thumb.Image Upload
  2. Metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints should appear ____, indicating correct central ray location and that the hand was fully pronated.Image Upload
  3. The central ray and center of collimation field should be to the ______Image Upload
    third MP joint.
  4. from what point of the finger to what point should be visible in an anterior posterior finger
    The entire digit and half of the metacarpal are included within the collimated field.
  5. WHAT IS an alternative projection to the PA ulnar deviation projection.
    Modified Stecher Method
  6. Pronated (PA hand) are the radius and ulna crossed or side by side
    radius crosses over ulna 
  7. Supinated(AP hand) are the radius and ulnar crossed or side by side
    side by sie
  8. Image Upload
     rotation—radius and ulna partially superimposed.
  9. Image Upload
     AP, lateral rotation—separation of radius and ulna
  10. Image Upload
    Medial (internal rotation)
  11. Image Upload
    PA Oblique Thumb
  12. Image Upload
    PA Lateral Thumb
  13. Image Upload
    AP roberts Method
  14. Image Upload
    PA roberts Method
  15. in an AP wrist what to what should be visible
     Midmetacarpals and proximal metacarpals; carpals
  16. Image Upload
    Oblique Wrist
  17. Image Upload
    Oblique Wrist
  18. Image Upload
    Oblique Wrist
  19. Image Upload
    Lateral Wrist
  20. Image Upload
    AP forearm
  21. Image Upload
    AP forearm
  22. Image Upload
    Lateral forearm
  23. Anatomy Demonstrated Lateral projection forarm 
    • entire radius and ulna
    • proximal row of carpal bones
    • elbow, 
    • distal end of the humerus 
  24. Image Upload
    AP elbow
  25. Image Upload
    AP elbow
  26. Image Upload
    Lateral oblique. external rotation
  27. Image Upload
    Lateral oblique. external rotation
  28. Image Upload
     Medial (internal rotation)
  29. Image Upload
     Medial (internal rotation)
  30. Image Upload
    Medial (internal rotation)
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