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  1. Blue screen error
    • Win err in kernel mode &causes systm hault
    • (displays on blue screen)
  2. Blue screen of death (BSOD)
    • Blue screen displays, kernel mode
    • Caused by problem w/ devices, device drvrs, /corrupt Win instal’n
    • AKA stop error
  3. Component Services (also called COM+)
    • MMC snap-in
    • Used to regstr components used by installed apps
  4. Data Sources Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
    • Tool in Adminstv Tool Group (Ctrl Panel)
    • Allows data files to connect to apps they normally don’t use
  5. Default program
    Program assoc w/ file ext
  6. File assoc
    Assoc btwn data file & app that’s determind by file ext
  7. Memory Diagnostcs
    • Mdsched.exe Win7/Vista utility
    • tests memory
  8. Problm Reports & Solut’ns
    • Win utility
    • lists current & past problm assoc w/comptr
  9. Regsvr32
    • Utility
    • Regstrs component servcs used by an installed app
  10. Secondary logon
    • Using Admstrv privleges
    • to perform an operat’n when ur not logged on w/acct that has these privleges
  11. Systm File Checkr
    (SFC) protects systm files & keeps cache of current systm files in case needs to refresh
  12. Taskkill
    Command uses PID to kill a process
  13. Tasklist
    command returns the Process Identifier (PID), # identifies each running procss
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