Urinary System

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  1. What are the functions of the Urinary System?
    • - maintain and regulate body's internal environment
    • - secretes metabolic wastes
    • - synthesis of Vit D to active form
    • - excretes and conserves water and solutes, as needed (electrolyte balance): controls B/P
    • - kidney helps regulate acid base balance and blood pressure.
    • - RBC production: erythropoieten (hormone) secreted by the kidney stimulate the bone marrow to produce RBC's
  2. Healthy adults usually feel the urge to void when the bladder contains _______ml to _______ml of urine.
    300 mL to 500 mL
  3. How much urine can a bladder hold?
    approximately 1000 mL
  4. The female urethra is approximately _________ inches long.
    1.5 (3 to 5 cm)
  5. The male urethra is approximately ________ inches long.
    8 inches (20 cm)
  6. What are the three regions of the kidney?
    Cortex, Medulla, Pelvis
  7. Describe the Cortex of the kidney.
    Outer layer that contains the glomeruli, small clusters of capillaries. The glomeruli are part of the  nephrons, the functional unit of the kidney.
  8. Describe the medulla of the kidney.
    The inner portion of the kidney, nephrons for the renal pyramids, which channel the urine in to branches of the innermost region, the renal pelvis.
  9. How do the kidneys help control blood pressure?
    Renin is secreted then angiotensin is secreted which causes vasoconstriction and that causes section of aldosterone which also increased B/P.
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