anatomy LE part 2

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  1. what structure passes thru the saphenous hiatus (saphenous opening, or fossa ovalis)?
    long saphenous vein
  2. abdominal aorta branches off into the:
    R and L common iliac arteries
  3. the EXTERNAL iliac artery passes under the inguinal ligament and emerges as the:
    femoral artery
  4. femoral artery gives off the:
    deep femoral artery
  5. what is the main artery that supplies the thigh?
    deep femoral artery
  6. the deep femoral artery gives off 2 branches:
    • medial circumflex artery
    • lateral circumflex artery
  7. medial and lateral circumflex arteries give off muscular branches that supply:
    posterior thigh muscles
  8. the superior and inferior gluteal artery arise from the:
    INTERNAL iliac artery
  9. superior & inferior gluteal arteries pass one above and below what muscle:
  10. what structure does the sup and inf gluteal arteries pass thru?
    greater sciatic foramen
  11. anterior rami is numbered by the segmen of the spinal column which lies:
    above it
  12. meniscus is made of:
    flexible fibrocartilage
  13. 2 ends of the meniscus are attached to the:
    intra-articular area
  14. there is a medial and a lateral part of the meniscus. which is further apart and which is close together?
    • further apart: medial
    • close: lateral
  15. which (lateral or medial) is more MOBILE? why?
    lateral is more mobile. its 2 medial attachments are close together & the mobility of the joint capsule around the edge
  16. what knee ligament DOES NOT blend with the joint capsule and is NOT attached to the lateral meniscus?
    Fibular collateral ligament
  17. what knee ligament IS attached in the joint capsule in front and behind is firmly attached to the medial meniscus?
    tibial collateral ligament
  18. when the knee joint is extended, both collateral ligaments are:

    they are less tight in flexion
  19. what is the function of the knee collateral ligaments?
    to keep the medial & lateral condyles together & prevent the knee joint from bending from side to side
  20. deepest head of the quadriceps?
    vastus intermedius
  21. when workings as an anti-gravity muscle, the quads:
    • lift body upward when climbing hills
    • propels us forward when pushing a heavy load
  22. the adductor canal lies btwn:
    vastus medialis and adductor longus
  23. what structures run thru the adductor canal?
    • femoral vein and artery
    • saphenous nerve
  24. what are the borders of the adductor canal:
    • ant: sartorius
    • postermedially:adductor longus & adductor magnus
    • lat: vastus medialis
  25. attachments for the semimembranosis & semitendinosis:
    • ischial tuberosity
    • medial side of the knee
  26. attachments for the biceps femoris:
    • ischial tuberosity
    • femur
    • head of fibula
  27. when flexion of the knee is restricted by contraction of the quads, the hamstrings will produce:
    extension of the hip
  28. when extension of the hip is restricted by hip flexors, the hamstrings produce:
    flexion of the knee
  29. function of the hamstrings acting separately:
    produce medial rotation & lateral rotation @ the knee joint
  30. function of the 2 semi muscles:
    produce medial rotation of the tibia
  31. function of the bicep femoris:
    produce lateral rotation
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