The Skull

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  1. Forehead bone
    Frontal bone
  2. Cheekbones
    Zygomatic bones
  3. Lower jaw
  4. Bridge part of nose
    Nasal bones
  5. Posterior bones of the hard palate
    Palatine bones
  6. Much of lateral and superior cranium
    Parietal bones
  7. Most posterior part of cranium
    Occipital bone
  8. Single, irregular, bat-shaped bone forming part of cranial base
    Sphenoid bone
  9. Tiny bones bearing tear ducts
    Lacrimal bones
  10. Anterior part of hard palate
  11. Superior and middle nasal conchae formed from its projections
    Ethmoid bone
  12. Site of mastoid process
    Temporal bones
  13. Site of sella turcica
    Sphenoid bone
  14. Site of cribriform plate
    Ethmoid bone
  15. Site of mental foramen
  16. Site of styloid processes
    Temporal bones
  17. Four bones containing paranasal sinuses
    • Ethmoid bone
    • Frontal bone
    • Maxilla
    • Sphenoid bone
  18. Condyles here articulate with the atlas
    Occipital bone
  19. Foramen magnum contained here
    Occipital bone
  20. Small U-shaped bone in neck, where many tongue muscles attach
    Hyoid bone
  21. Organ of hearing found here
    Temporal bone
  22. Two bones that form the nasal septum
    • Ethmoid bone
    • Vomer
  23. Bears an upward protrusion, the "cock's comb," or crista galli
    Ethmoid bone
  24. Two bones that contain alveolar processes (sockets bearing teeth)
    • Maxilla
    • Mandible
  25. Form the most inferior turbinates
    Inferior nasal conchae
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