Land Use Control & Regulation - Chapter 4

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  1. Rights granted to owners along river or stream
    Riparian Rights
  2. Rights granted to owners along ocean or large lake
    Littorial Rights
  3. Right to us water is controlled by the state rather than adjacent land owner
    Prior Appropriation
  4. Approval from zoning authority allowing indiviual to deviate from zoning requirement
  5. Use of property that is permitted to continue after a zoning ordinance prohibited
    Non-Conforming use
  6. Allows use that doesn't conform but necessary for common good ( medical clinic)
    Conditional Use permit
  7. Land zoned for residential or commercial is rezoned for conservation only
  8. Reclassification of small area of land non-conforming
    Spot Zoning
  9. Planned mix of diverse land uses
  10. Ordinances that restrict the average maximum number of house per acre
    Density Zoning
  11. Standards for construction, maintenance, and demolition
    Building Codes
  12. Master plan to guide physical development of a community
    City Plan Specifications
  13. Restricgtions specified by owner in the deed when conveying the property
    Private Land-use Controls
  14. "According to value" - taxes levied on real estate by various governmental units & municipalities
    Ad Valorem
  15. Appraisal of Value
  16. To correct general inequalities in statewide tax assessment
    Equalization factor
  17. Amount needed for budget by totaled assessed value of all properties within district (My be expressed in Mills)
    Computation of Tax Rate
  18. Portions of land near running bodies of water subject to flooding
  19. Land where groundwater is close to surface for a period of time that may produce swamps flood plains or marshes
  20. Zoning laws that reflect environmental an health and safety concerns (Cut trees & .....)
    Shoreline Regulation
  21. Requires purchase of flood insurance if home in flood zone
  22. LUST
    Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
  23. "Superfund" - Clean up uncontrolled hazardous waste
  24. Owner is responsible to injured party w/o excuse
    Strict Liabilty
  25. Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act : Stronger cleanup standards
  26. Disintegrating asbestos
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