Pronunciation Key

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  1. A
    always pronounced "ah" as in father
  2. E
    always pronounced "eh" as in bet
  3. I
    always pronounced "ee" as in beet
  4. O
    always pronounced "O" as in obey
  5. U
    always pronounced "oo" as in boot
  6. B
    pronounced "b" as in bit, and black but when combined with vowels in is pronounced softly
  7. C
    before a, o, u is pronounced hard as in can, but before e or i is soft, as in cent. In some parts of Spain, the c before e or i is pronounced "th".
  8. CC
    is pronounced "x". "Acción" is pronounced "axion"
  9. CH
    as in child
  10. D
    is pronounced "d" as in do, unless it is the last letter of a word or appears between vowels then it is pronounced as a soft "th"
  11. G
    before a, o, u is pronounced hard as in get, but before e or i is pronounced "h" as in hen
  12. H
    always silent
  13. J
    pronounced "h" as in hen
  14. L
    pronounced "l" as in let
  15. LL
    pronounced "y" as in yes
  16. ñ
    pronounced "NY" Señor is pronounced "senyor"
  17. R
    is slightly trilled unless it is the first letter, then it has a strong trill
  18. RR
    always strongly trilled
  19. T
    always pronounced as the "TT" in attractive
  20. Y
    pronounced as the y in yet, unless it stands alone. Then it is pronounced "ee" and it means "and".
  21. Z
    pronounced "s" as in sent
  22. QUE
    is pronounced like the "ke" in kept
  23. QUI
    is pronounced "kee" as in keep
  24. GUE
    is pronounced like the "gue" in guest
  25. GUI
    is pronounced like the "gee" in geese
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