anatomy LE part 3

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  1. popliteal artery gives off 2 branches to the:
    2 heads of the gastroc
  2. popliteal fossa is bound by:
    • semimembranosis
    • semitendinosis
    • bicep femoris
    • 2 heads of the gastroc
  3. above the knee the popliteal artery gives off:
    below the knee the popliteal artery gives off:
    • above: 2 superior Genicular arteries
    • below: 2 inferior Genicular arteries
  4. muscle innervations of the obturator nerve:
    • adductor longus-brevis obturator externis
    • adductor portion of the adductor magnus
    • grace super geme
  5. femoral nerve muscle innervations:
    iliacus sart rectus vastus pectineus
  6. sciatic nerve distally passes deep to the:
    and emerges c/ the:
    • bicep femoris
    • popliteal vessels @ the popliteal fossa
  7. sciatic nerve branches into:
    • tibial division
    • peroneal division (common fibular/ peroneal nerve)
  8. tibial division of the sciatic nerve innervates:
    • 2 semis
    • bicep femoris- LH
  9. peroneal division of the sciatic nerve branches into:
    • superficial peroneal nerve
    • deep peroneal nerve
  10. superficial peroneal nerve innervates:
    peroneal longus and brevis
  11. deep peroneal nerve innervates:
    • tibialis anterior
    • ext hallicus longus
    • ext digitorum longus
  12. what are the bones of the tarsus?
    • 7 bones:
    • calcaneus
    • talus
    • cuboid
    • navicular
    • 3 cuneiforms
  13. movement of the foot up:
    movement of the foot down:
    • up;  DORSI flexion
    • down: plantar flexion
  14. dorsi and plantar flexion occur at ( same/ separate) joint locations?
    separate joint locations!
  15. what type of joint is the distal tibio-fibular joint?
    fibrous joint
  16. what type of joint is the proximal tibio-fibular joint?
    synovial joint
  17. protecting ends of the articulations:
    medial and lateral malleolus
  18. articular surface for the ankle joint is a broad notch formed by:
    curved undersurface of the tibia & the inner surfaces of the medial malleolus & lateral malleolus
  19. talus articulates with the:
    tibia and fibula
  20. ligaments of the ankle joint:
    • posterior talo-fibular ligament
    • deltoid ligament
    • anterior talo-fibular ligament
  21. the ankle joint capsule is (loose/ tight) in front and back.
    what does this allow for?
    • loose
    • allows for a full range of dorsi and plantar flexion
  22. where is the subtalar joint located?
    bwtn the talus and the calcaneus
  23. where is the sustentaculum tali?
    • visible on the medial view of the foot
    • a prominence off the calcaneus
  24. where is the talo-calcaneo-navicular joint (TCN joint) located?
    • where the talus, calcaneus, and the navicular bones meet
    • "attaches from the calcaneus to the navicular bone"
  25. eversion and inversion of the foot occur at which joint?
    • subtalar joint and
    • TCN joint
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