ITM 505 ch 2

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  1. What is strategic planning?
    • Helps managers identify desired outcomes and formulate feasible plans by using available resources and capabilities.
    • typically an annual process
  2. What are 3 approaches to strategic planning?
    • issues-based
    • organic
    • goals-based
  3. What is a vision/mission statement?
    • organization's overarching aspirations
    • guides organization through changing objectives, goals, and strategies
  4. What are the 3 components of defining vision & mission statements?
    • core ideology
    • mission statement
    • vision of a desirable future
  5. What must be done when conducting internal assessment within a business?
    Analyze data from all business units to identify and assess how well the firm is meeting current objectives and goals and how well its current strategies are working.
  6. What must be done when analyzing the external environment of a business?
    • examine the industry
    • analyze facts about key customers, competitors, and suppliers
  7. Picture Michael Porter's five forces model.
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  8. Give an example for each of the sections of SWOT.
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  9. What are Michael Porter's 3 fundamental strategies?
    • Become the cost leader
    • Provide goods and services for a set of customers better than others
    • Focus on a specific niche in the marketplace
  10. Picture Ansoff's market option matrix.
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  11. Imagine the growth-share matrix.
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  12. What is OGSM?
    • •O (Organization)
    • establishes numerical…

    • •G (Goals)
    • that index each objective, sets…

    • •S (Strategies)
    • on how to reach the goals, and defines…

    • •M (Measures)
    • to assess how well the strategies are being executed

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