critical care midterm

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  1. mech of action for ACE inhibitors
    prevents ang I --> ang II. thus reduces amount of aldosterone.
  2. indications for ACE inhibitors?
    hypertension, HF, post MI treatment
  3. side fx of ACE inhib
    hypotension, renal failure, cough, orthostatic hypotension, bradycardia
  4. enalapril (Vasotec) - what type?
    ace inhibitor
  5. diuretics in CHF treatment?
    used to fix fluid volume overload or edema
  6. metoprolol (lopressor) - what category?
    beta blocker
  7. indications for beta blockers?
    angina, acute MI, heart failure
  8. mech of action of beta blockers?
    • block beta-adrenergic receptors (epi and norepi)
    • thus results in decreases sympathetic NS responses (HR, BP decrease)
  9. digoxin - what type of drug
  10. appropriate digoxin levels?
    • in CHF: 0.5 - 1
    • for afib/aflutter: 1 - 2
  11. how does digoxin work?
    reduces cardiac workload by increasing contractility and enhancing tissue perfusion
  12. nursing implications for digoxin?
    • digoxin level!
    • K+ values. high risk for hypokalemia
    • HR
  13. indications for dopamine
    cardiac decompensation, HF, shock, renal failure, hypotension.
  14. dobutamine, milrinone (Primacor), inamrirone (Inocor) - what class?
    inotropes. similar to dopa
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