honors world studies 1 terms for finals

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  1. Renaissance
    "rebirth" - restored classical ideas in the 1300s marked by an interest in Greek and Roman literature and art, individualism, intellectual and scientific activity. 1350-1600s marked beginning of modern times
  2. Humanism
    an intellectua; movement that began in Italy during the 1300s focusing on the study of the classicsa and emphazing the importance of human potential and achievement. **humanist belief = individualism : each individual has dignity and worth***
  3. Secular
    worldy vs. spiritually
  4. Vernacular
    everyday language of the people in a region or country ; daily life and feeelings of people, ordinary people, political science - wrote about politics, wrote in the people's ;language vs. Latin
  5. Christian Humanism  
    Humanism as it applies to the Roman Catholic Church. People began to question the church's ways of doing things - especially the upper clergy (corrupt)
  6. Classical Education
    During this time (the Renaissance) few people could read or write, if a family could afford to finance an education it'd usually be for their sons. Equality for education of both sexes would not be achieved for several centuries but some did speak out on the matter.
  7. Elizabethan Age
    Queen Elizabeth I reigned ; the English Renaissance (In England) known for literature and plays.
  8. Gutenberg Bible
    The first production of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg of Germany in circa 1455
  9. Perspective
    artistic technique that creates appearance of 3D images on a flat surface
  10. Renaissance Art Characteristics
    Northern Europe
    clothed, oil- based, Greek mythology, less sculpting, darker (more vibrant), more secular
  11. Renaissance Art Characteristics
    nude paintings, water-based ; frescos (must be on walls), what they knew and artifacts (less mythology), more marables, lighter
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