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  1. Bedouin tribes
    clans of people who migrated through the desert
  2. Caravans
    a large group of merchants and camels traveling thorugh the derst
  3. Proselytizer
    someone trying to convert someone
  4. Merchants
    Sell stuff
  5. Mecca
    Original city, muhammed birthplace
  6. When was Muhammad born
    570 CE
  7. Medina
    Second city
  8. The Kaaba
    Sacred site in Mecca where prayers should be directed to
  9. The Quran
    Holy book - written versions of Muhammad's revelations`
  10. Suras
    Chapters in the Qur'an
  11. Arabic
    Islamic Language
  12. Hijra
    Migration to Medina in 622 CE, start of Islamic calendar
  13. Umma
    Group of Muslims with social and legal code
  14. Islam vs Muslim
    The religion vs Someone who believes in Islam
  15. Allah
    The one and only god
  16. 5 pillars of Islam
    • 1. Muslims must achnowledge Allah as the only god and Muhammad as his prophet
    • 2. Must pray daily facing Mecca
    • 3. Must observe a fast during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan
    • 4. Must contribute relief of the weak and por
    • 5. Those who are able must make pilgrimage to Mecca
  17. Hajj
    Pilgramige to Holy sites in Islam
  18. Caliph
    Head of Islamic state
  19. Sunni
    Those who accepted Abu Bukr as the successor to muhammad
  20. Shiate
    those who thought muhammad's son in law and cousin Ali should be first Caliph
  21. Sufi
    Muslims who did not find formal religious teachings espiecially meaningful, and focused on deepening spiritual awareness.
  22. Sharia
    - moral code an law of Islam, guidance on behavior in life
  23. Dar al-Islam
    Countires where Muslims can practice the religion freely
  24. Arabization
    Spread of Arab culture and identity
  25. Jizya
    tax on htose who did not convert to Islam
  26. House of Wisdom
    Learning center for Scholars in Bhagdad
  27. Ulama
    Officials with religous knowledge who set moral standards and apublic policy in accourdance witht he quran and aharia
  28. Hadith
    Sayings attributed to Muhammad and accounts of his deeds
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