Neuro Auditory System

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  1. High frequency is maximum deflection near __ of basilar membrane.
    Low frequency is maximum deflection __ of basilar membrane.

    How the entire membrane vibrates in response to __ frequency.
    How one place vibrates in response to ___ frequencies.
    • Base
    • Apex

    • One
    • Different
  2. The basilar membrane is tonotopic. Tono- refers to __ or __. Topic refers to __ or __.

    Basilar membrane acts like a series of overlapping, bandpass filters for frequency __. Each place along BM is tuned to a specific frequency.
    • Tone
    • Frequency
    • LocationPlace
    • Tuning
  3. Stiffness decreases __ along the basilar membrane. It does not decrease linearly along BM. As you move from one place to another along the BM, frequency changes ___, not linearly.
    • Exponentially
    • Logarithmically
  4. Complex sounds are sounds made of more than one __ wave. Fourier's analysis says any sound can be broken down into a series of individual sine waves (what the ear attempts to do)
  5. The pillar side of ANF has ___ diameter fibers, ___ mitochondria, __ synapse, high __, __ threshold at CF, __ dynamic ranges.
    • larger
    • more
    • simple
    • SPAC
    • Low
    • Narrow
  6. The modiolar side of the ANF has __ diameter fibers, __ mitochondria, __ synapse, low __, __ threshold at CF, __ dynamic ranges.
    • Smaller
    • Fewer
    • Complex
    • SPAC
    • Higher
    • Slightly wider
  7. Action potentials do not occur in __ of sine waves.
  8. Volley principle
    • Summed output of many ANF
    • If you know something about the period through phase-locking, you know something about the frequency
  9. Temporal coding is the time between __ __ that contains information and phase-locking by ANF says that action potentials only occur at a particular phase of the sine wave. Also known as __.
    • action potentials
    • Synchrony
  10. Bushy cells have a __ dendritic field. ANF has input on the soma as ___ synapses. Only a few ANFs innervate the soma. Tuning curves are __. Bushy cells have primary-like responses to tones (irregular firing pattern, strong phase-locking, No ISBs (inhibitory))
    • small
    • end-bulb (largest in brain)
    • narrow
  11. Stellate cells have __ dendritic fields. ANF has input on the soma as __ synapses. Dendrtes parallel isofrequency lamina. Stellate cells have narrow tuning curves and __ responses to tones (regular firing patterns, weak phase-locking, sideband inhibition)
    • large
    • bouton
    • chopper
  12. Primary-like units (bushy cells) pathway for representation of speech sounds based on __. Disruption of synchrony across ANFs will degrade __-place representation of speech sounds.
    • timing
    • temporal
  13. Chopper units (stellate cells) pathway for rep. of speech sound based on ____. Loss of low SPAC ANFs will degrade ___ representation of speech sounds at higher SPLs.
    • average rate
    • rate-place
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