Medication Administration

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  1. What are the five required items for a medication order?
    What's also required for a PRN order?
    • date
    • drug
    • dose
    • route
    • time (frequency)
    • PRN: reason
  2. What 7 items (besides the drug and dosage) need to be on a prescription?
    • Name
    • address
    • date
    • directions for use (sig)
    • dispense number (number of pills)
    • refills if any
    • signature of person prescribing
    • (controlled sub: registration number)
  3. What are the six rights of pt medication?
    What are the two extra ones?
    • Right pt
    • right drug
    • right dose
    • right time
    • right route
    • right documentation
    • (right to refuse)
    • (right indication)
  4. What 3 things must you consider when choosing needle size?
    • route
    • size of pt
    • viscosity
  5. What is the difference between "stat" and "now"?
    • Stat is IMMEDIATELY in an emergent situation.
    • Now is within 30 minutes (or whatever the institution policy for "now" is)
  6. When are the three checks for medication?
    • 1. when you pull the meds out from the drawer (checking against the MAR)
    • 2. when they are all out (or when preparing them), comparing them against the MAR
    • 3. when you are opening each one, at the bedside
  7. What must you do before giving meds via an NG or PEG tube?
    • 1. assess for placement
    • 2. check for residual
    • 3. syringe/irrigate tube before and after
  8. What are three contraindications for rectal suppositories?
    • rectal bleeding
    • cardiac condition
    • hemmorrhoids
  9. In which direction do you pull an adult's ear to administer ear medication?
    • pull up and back
    • (children are down and back)
  10. What is the maximum amount of medicine that can be injected into a large muscle at a time?
    3 ml
  11. What are the landmark(s) for a IM deltoid injection?
    three fingers below the acromion process, and smack in the middle (top of upper arm bone)
  12. What are the landmark(s) for an IM injection in the vastus lateralis?
    the middle third of the anterior, lateral muscle of the thigh - between the greater trocanter of the femur, and the knee.
  13. What are the landmark(s) for an IM injection in the rectus femoris?
    inner thigh muscle, middle third. This location hurts, and isn't particularly recommended.
  14. What are the landmark(s) for an IM injection in dorsogluteal?
    upper, outer quadrant of buttocks.
  15. What are the landmark(s) for an IM injection in ventrogluteal?
    heel of hand on greater trocanter. index finger towards anterior iliac spine, spread index and third finger. Inject between first knuckes of index and third finger (in the V)
  16. What are some things you should do if you're using Z-track technique, before injection?
    • add 0.2 ml of air, to lock in medicine, and avoid stinging of dermal tissue
    • change the needle after drawing up the medication to get rid of irritating substances from the needle
  17. Why might you use the Z-track technique for an injection?
    If you have an IM injection of an irritating medicine.
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