HTN Drugs & Dosing

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  1. Generic: aliskiren
    Brand: Tekturna
  2. Generic: amiloride
    *Just know generic*
  3. Generic: amlodipine
    • Brand: Norvasc
    • Dosing: 2.5-10mg PO ONCE daily

  4. Generic: amlodipine + benazapril
    Brand: Lotrel
  5. Generic: atenolol
    • Brand: Tenormin
    • Dosing: 25-100mg/day
  6. Generic: azilsartan medoxomil
    Brand: Edarbi
  7. Generic: azilsartan medoxomil +chlorthalidone
    Brand: Edarbyclor
  8. Generic: carvedilol (or carvedilol CR)
    • Brand: Coreg (or Coreg CR)
    • Dosing: 6.25-25mg BID (20-80mg BID for CR)
  9. Generic: Chlorthalidone
    *Just know generic*
    FYI: Thalitone
  10. Generic: clonidine (patch)
    Brand: Catapress TTS patch
  11. Generic: diltiazem (or ER)
    • Brand: Cardizem (or Cardizem SR/CD; Cardizem LA, Cartia XL, Tiazac)
    • Dosing: 120-480mg PO ONCE daily
  12. Generic: doxazosin
    Brand: Cardura
  13. Generic: enalapril
    • Brand: Vasotec
    • Dosing: 2.5-40mg/day PO (QD OR BID)
  14. Generic: eplerenone
    Brand: Inspra
  15. Generic: fosinopril
    • Brand: Monopril
    • Dosing: 10-40mg QD
  16. Generic: furosemide
    • Brand: Lasix
    • Dosing: 20-80mg/day PO divided BID
  17. Generic: guanfacine (immediate release)
    *Just know generic*
    FYI: Tenex
  18. Generic: hydralazine
    *Just know generic*
    FYI: Apresoline
  19. Generic: HCTZ
    *Just know generic*
    • FYI: Esidrix, Hydrodiuril
    • Dosing: 12.5-25mg PO once daily QAM
  20. Generic: indapamide
    Brand: Lozol
  21. Generic: irbesartan (w/ HCTZ)
    • Brand: Avapro (w/ HCTZ: Avalide)
    • Dosing: 150-300mg PO QD
  22. Generic: labetolol
    • Brand: Trandate
    • Dosing: 200-400mg BID
    • 100mg BID every 2-3 days minimum
  23. Generic: lisinopril (w/ HCTZ)
    • Brand: Zestril/Prinivil
    • (w/ HCTZ: Zestoretic/Prinzide)
    • Dosing: 10-40mg PO QD 
    • (10/12.5mg, 20/12.5mg, 20/25mg)
  24. Generic: losartan (w/ HCTZ)
    • Brand: Cozaar (w/HCTZ: Hyzaar)
    • Dosing: 25-100mg PO (QD OR BID)
  25. Generic: methyldopa
    *Just know generic*
    FYI: Aldomet
  26. Generic: metoprolol tartrate
    Generic: metoprolol succinate
    • Brand: Lopressor 
    • Brand: Toprol XL 
    • Dosing: 25-400mg/day --> 25-100mg typical dose
  27. Generic: minoxidil
    *Just know generic*
    FYI: Loniten
  28. Generic: nadolol
    Brand: Corgard
  29. Generic: nifedipine ER
    (don't ever use immediate release for HTN)
    • Brand: Procardia XL, Adalat CC, Nifedical
    • Dosing: 30-90mg PO once daily
  30. Generic: olmesartan medoxomil (w/HCTZ)
    Brand: Benicar (w/HCTZ: Benicar HCT)
  31. Generic: prazosin
    Brand: minipress
  32. Generic: propanolol (or ER)
    Brand: Inderal, Inderal LA
  33. Generic: quinapril (w/HCTZ)
    Brand: Accupril (w/HCTZ: Accuretic)
  34. Generic: ramipril
    • Brand: Altace
    • Dosing: 1.25-10mg/day PO QD
  35. Generic: spironolactone
    • Brand: Aldactone
    • Dosing: 25-50mg PO daily (may divide BID)
  36. Generic: terazosin
    Brand: Hytrin
  37. Generic: torsemide
    Brand: Demadex
  38. Generic: triamterene (w/HCTZ)
    *know only combo dose*
    • Brand: Dyrenium (w/HCTZ:Dyazide, Maxzide, Maxzide-25)
    • Dosing: HCTZ/triamterene, 25/37.5mg PO daily AM
  39. Generic: valsartan (w/HCTZ)
    • Brand: Diovan (w/HCTZ: Diovan HCT)
    • Dosing: 80-320mg PO QD
  40. Generic: verapamil (or ER)
    • Brand: Calan, Isoptin
    • Dosing: (ER:Calan SR, Isoptin SR -- 120-480mg PO QD)
    • Dosing: (DR:Covera HS#, Veleran/PM -- 100-400mg PO QD)

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