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  1. Sediment is a product of weathering of preexisting rocks
  2. Chemical sedimentary rocks are made of grains that are fragments of preexisting rocks.
  3. Sediment becomes sedimentary rock through lithification.
  4. Naturalresources are never associated with sedimentary rocks
  5. Coal is formed from organic plant remains.
  6. Quartz is a common component of sedimentary rocks because it is resistant to chemical weathering.
  7. Breccia is composed of coarse angular gravel.
  8. Petroleum (oil and gas) is often associated with sedimentary rocks.
  9. Detrital sedimentary rocks are formed as a result of chemical weathering of other rocks.
  10. Organic sedimentary rocks typically form from larger particles of pre-existing rocks.
  11. Conditions on the Earth's surface influence the type of sediments that form in various locations.
  12. Ripple marks may be used to determine the direction a current was flowing and are most often preserved in the sedimentary rock breccia.
  13. Sediment can be transported great distances from its source area before becoming a sedimentary rock.
  14. The cement that forms to bind sediments together is usually precipitated from solution.
  15. Boulders cannot be transported or deposited to form chemical sedimentary rocls
  16. The grain size of detrital sedimentary rocks may provide clues to the environment in which the sediments were deposited.
  17. Geologists use sedimentary rocks to reconstruct the geologic history of Earth.
  18. Somesequences of rock formations allow geologists to interpret the history ofsea-level oscillations on Earth
  19. Coral reefs are a type of clastic sedimentary rock.
  20. Earth is the only planet with sedimentary rocks.
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