urinary sys

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  1. carry urine from kidneys to bladder
  2. temporary storage of urine and its emilmination is known as...
  3. carries urine from bladder to exterior
  4. -bilateral tubes about 10-12 inches
    -move urine to bladder by peristalic waves
    -contain smooth muscle and are innervated by autonomic nervous system
  5. -hollow muscular organ that lies behind the symphasis pubis
  6. bladder is lined with
    epithelial mucosa
  7. base of bladder is known as the ______, where ureters enter
  8. ________ muscle is arranged in layers that allow the bladder to ______ and _____
    detrussor; expand and contract
  9. healthy adults get the urge to piss when the bladder contains ____-_____mL of urine
  10. muscle tone in the trigone prevent what?
    a backflow of urine from the bladder into the ureters
  11. the ______sphincter, _______ in response to a full bladder, signaling the urge to urinate.
    internal; relaxes
  12. ________ urethral sphincter is formed by ______ muscle and is under _______ control
    external; skeletal, voluntary
  13. This part is the last in the urinary system and is a thin walled muscular tube the channels urine and semen out of the body
  14. female urethra = ____ inches?
  15. male urethra = ___ inches
    8 inches
  16. why is the right kidney situated lower than the left
    because of the liver
  17. dense layer of connective tissue protects and anchors the kidney
    renal fascia
  18. outer layer of kidney and houses glomeruli and small clusters of capillaries
  19. inner portion of kidney, nephrons for renal pyramids which channel the urine to the branches of the innermost region, the renal pelvis
  20. cavity or innermost area of kidneys, hollow and collects urine as it passes through the collecting ducts (from medulla) and urine is channeled from pelvis thru ureters and into the the bladder for storage
  21. -formation of urine
    -maintains and regulates the bodys internal environment
  22. kidneys process about ___ liters of filtrate each day, only __% is excreted as urine
    180 liters, 1% is excreted as urine
  23. formation of urine is by the process ________filtration, tubular _________, and tubular _______.
    glomerular, reabsorption and excretion
  24. kidneys help regulate ___- ____ ______ and _______ ______
    acid base balance, blood pressure
  25. what does erythropoietin do in kidneys?
    erythropoietin is a hormone secreted by the kidneys to stimulate bone marrow to produce RBC's
  26. Renin is secreted when B/P _____, then initiates _____-_________-_________ _________ which results in formation of _______ ___.
    drops, renin-angiotension-aldosterone mechanism, agiotension II.
  27. angiotension II stimulates _________ and increases the secretion of ___________, both of which help raise b/p.
    vasocontriction; aldosterone
  28. ________ hormone is secreted by the kidney stimulate the bone marrow to produce ____
    erythropoietin; RBCs
  29. the skin, liver, lungs, and intestines also eliminate metabolic
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