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  1. 1. Each of the 10 children born to Ernest and Elvira Orangeburg were born with red hair. Each child is also very intelligent and athletic. The Orangeburgs are expecting an 11th child who is also likely to be born with the same traits according to ______________, as evidenced in the _____________.
    b) nature; nature versus nurture controversy
  2. 2. Rod-shaped structures in the cell nucleus that contain genes are referred to as____________.
    c) chromosomes
  3. 3. Which of the following describes the fetal period?
    c) the period during which the umbilical cord develops
  4. 4. Christa and Sal are anticipating the birth of their first baby. Before the baby arrives, they want to fix up the nursery with new wallpaper. They seek the advice of a developmental psychologist. What is she likely to tell them?
    a)Newborns prefer to look at complex three-dimensional patterns rather thansimple one-dimensional ones.
  5. 5. Ron, a toddler, takes a picture and puts it to the receiver of a phone in order to “show” it to his grandmother. This example illustrates ________.
    d) egocentrism
  6. 6. If a child successfully navigates this stage of psychosocial development, they will make decisions and act independently.
    b) autonomy vs. shame and doubt
  7. 7. Countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and England are more likely to have ____________.
    a) nontraditional views of gender
  8. 8. At what stage of moral development is moral thought guided by principles that have been decided upon by the individual and may be in disagreement with accepted social norms?
  9. 9. The correct sequence of the five stages of death and dying postulated by Kübler-Ross is __________.
    a) denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
  10. 10. Leticia has just learned that she is terminally ill. She is now always irritable, often throws things on the floor, and yells at members of her family and the nurses who care for her. According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Leticia is most likely in the _________stage of dying.
    a) anger
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