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  1. 1. What do we call biologically determined, innate patterns of behavior?
    b) instincts
  2. 2. Donald believes all the teaching in the world will not change the fact that he is stupid and of below average intelligence. According to Dweck, what locus of control does Donald have?
    d) external locus of control
  3. 3. Little 2-year-old Dennis is always getting into things. He climbs up trees, jumps into lakes, and explores strange boxes. According to research, Dennis would be considered ______________.
    b) high approach motivated
  4. 4. What is one of the criticisms of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
    d) Some people who struggle with lower needs may still satisfy higher needs.
  5. 5. Drugs derived from opium are called __________________.
    c) narcotics
  6. 6. Raphael has only dated men in the past. He stated that in high school, he began to notice that he was only attracted to men. As a result, he has been in a relationship with a man for the past 5 years and is very happy. Raphael is considered _______________ in terms of his sexual orientation.
    a) homosexual
  7. 7. Researchers have found that negative feelings such as sadness, anxiety, and depression seem to be a function of _______________.
    a) the right frontal lobe
  8. 8. Which sequence of events in emotional responses is characteristic of the James-Lange theory of emotion?
    b) stimulus --> physiological changes --> emotion
  9. 9. You just finished a cup of very strong coffee, which causes your body to have a general feeling of arousal. That afternoon you walk past a cemetery where several people are crying at a graveside. According to Schachter and Singer, which of the following would most likely occur?
    c) Your emotion would be sad since the context would affect your labeling.
  10. 10. According to cognitive-mediational theories, appraisal of the situation would come ________ the physical arousal and _________ the experience of emotion.
    c) before; before
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