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  1. 1. _________ is the optimal amount of stress that people need to promote health and well-being.
    b) Eustress
  2. 2. Min-Jee is currently very concerned about a recent increase in fighting among her family members. When talking with her therapist, she notes that this has been her biggest concern lately. According to the research into the severity of different hassles, which of the following statements is probably true about Min-Jee’s age?
    b)Min-Jee is an adult.
  3. 3. For someone who likes both movies and concerts, choosing between going to one or the other represents an ______ conflict.
    c) approach-approach
  4. 4. What is the correct sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome?
    d)alarm, resistance, exhaustion
  5. 5. When looking at a glass that is neither completely full nor completely empty, a(n) __________ might say “that glass is half full,” while a(n) ____________ might say “ no, that glass is half empty!”
    d)optimist; pessimist
  6. 6. People with a good __________ are less likely to die from illness or injuries than those without it.   
    d) social support system
  7. 7. One factor in hunger seems to be the increase in __________, which causes blood sugar levels to eventually drop several hours after we eat.        
    c) insulin
  8. 8. Shanice suffers pain during intercourse. She is suffering from __________.
    d) dyspareunia
  9. 9. Research shows that ____________lowers blood pressure in adolescents and adults.
    b) concentrative meditation
  10. 10. Which of the following is one of the ways in which religion helps people reduce or cope with stress?
    a) Religion can provide a strong social support system.
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