Vocabulary Quiz 3

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  1. alternative (adj/n)
    • one of two or more things, offering the possibility of choice
    • Synonyms: choice, option

    • Others forms:
    • alternate (v): alternate between (x and y)
    • alternatively (adv)

  2. circumstance (n)
    • [usually plural]
    • an event associated with or having an impact on a situation 
    • Synonyms: condition, situation, detail

    • Others forms: 
    • circumstantial (adj): based on unproven facts associated with or having an impact in a situation
    • circumstantially (adv)
  3. comment (n) (v)
    • (n) a written or spoken observation or opinion
    • (v) to comment on, to comment about 
    • Synonyms: observation, remark, statement
  4. compensate (v)
    • to offset; to be exchanged for something of equal or better value
    • Synonyms: make up for, offset, balance, equal

    • Others forms: 
    • compensation (n) 
    • compensatory (adj)
  5. component (n)
    • a part or element which combines with other parts to form a whole
    • Synonyms: part, element, member
  6. consent (n) (v)
    • (n) permission, agreement or approval
    • (v) to give your permission, your agreement or approval
    • Synonyms: agree, aprove, comply

  7. considerable (adj)
    of noticeable importance; proportionally large

    • Collocation:
    • considerable power, considerable influence
    • to have considerable (power/influence) over
    • to wield considerable (power/influence) over

    Synonyms: big, great, substantial, ample

    • Others forms: considerably (adv)
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