Information Systems 2d Application Software

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  1. _______ software has been developed to solve a particular problem or task
  2. Software that is not protected by copywright and can be duplicated by anyone is called ______ _______ _______
    Public Domain Software
  3. _______ is copyrighted software that is distributed free of charge.
  4. _______ is copyrighted software that is distributed free of charge, but pay a fee for continued use.
  5. _______ is software that can be leased for a fee.
  6. ______ software is obtained illegally.
  7. When you sign a contract not to make copies, it's called a ________ _______.
    Software license
  8. The exclusive legal right that prohibits copying without permission is called a _______.
  9. This software performs generic tasks common to many industries or individuals and is always purchased (word-processing, presentations, spreadsheets, etc...)
    Horizontal Application Software
  10. This software performs task common to a specific industry. It may be purchased off the shelf, modified or developed from scratch.
    (manufacturing systems, etc...)
    Vertical Application Software
  11. Name 3 types of Business Application Software
    • TPS (Transaction Processing Systems)
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • ASP (Application Service Provider)
  12. Information Systems that keep track of the transactions needed to conduct business are called ______.
    TPS (Transaction Processing Systems)
  13. ________ is the term for purchasing all your business software in a single package.
    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  14. ERP  is very _____, may not _____ all your business needs and all the _____ is on the purchaser.
    • costly
    • solve
    • risk
  15. ______ is when you are leasing your business software over the internet.
  16. The 5 jobs in Information Services are:
    • Application Programmers
    • Systems Programmers
    • Computer Operations and Customer Support
    • Network Control
    • Database
  17. Word processing, presentation graphics and data base programs are types of _______ ______ software.
    • Productivity
    • Application
  18. A _____ is the intersection of a row and a column.
  19. Columns are identified by _______.
  20. Rows are identified by _______.
  21. The address of each cell is the coordinates of the ____ and the _______.
    • row
    • column
  22. Cells can contain:
    • Numbers
    • Letters
    • Special Characters
    • Formulas
  23. A _______ is a program that will automatically calculate the specified formulas.
  24. Automatic __________ is when all affected cells are update by updating just one cell.
  25. Most spreadsheet programs will automatically create ______ of the spreadsheet.
  26. _______ ________ assists users in creating, editing formatting, printing and storing text material.
    Word Processing
  27. Inserting and Deleting Graphics
    Copy and Paste
    Spell Checker
    Grammar Checker

    fall under the _______ category of Word Processing
  28. Size and Font of the Text
    spacing, margins, page number, headers and footers
    Desk Top Publishing

    fall under the ______ category of Word Processing.
  29. _________ _______ allows users with very little graphics training to produce professional-looking slides, overheads, or prints to support their presentations.
    examples: Harvard Graphics and PowerPoint.
    Presentation Graphics
  30. _________ spreadsheets can link multiple spreadsheets together by formulas.
    Updating one spreadsheet automatically updates another.
  31. ______ ______  Programs allow a user to add, delete, modify, sort and classify records in a ____ _____ (same words) without having to write a program
    Data Base
  32. 3 Types of Data Base Programs (DBMS) are:
    • Data Entry Forms
    • Reports
    • Menus
  33. _______ Language comes with the data base application and allows the user to write questions about the data
  34. Data Entry Forms are ______ ______ that help you add, delete, or modify records
    screen displays
  35. _______ are user defined screen displays.
  36. ______ are screen displays that help explain how to use the data base application that was created by the user.
  37. True or False. A user needs to know a formal programming language to run data base programs.
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