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Neuro disease notes 2.txt
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Neuro disease notes

Neuro disease notes 2
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  1. Mechanical ventilation affecting trunk
  2. Palligotomy
    reduce detrimental parkinson’s and main goal is to alleviate tremor and rigidity
  3. Recovery phase of GB
    gradually over 4-6 months maybe up to 2 years
  4. GB and plasmapheresis
    removes circulating antibodies thought to be responsible for the disease; should be done within several days after the onset of the illness
  5. Myasthenic crisis
    too little cholinesterase inhibitor; if you give tenilson, symptoms will improve; often caused by some type of infection
  6. Drugs for MG
    anticholinesterases and immunosuppressants; give on time to maintain blood levels and improve muscle strength
  7. ALS discharge
    multidisciplinary approach, refer to hospice program for palliative care
  8. Secondary progressive MS
    relapsing-remitting course that later becomes steadily progressive; about half of all people with RRMS develop SPMS within 10 years
  9. MRI in MS
    shows presence of plaques; CT shows increase in white matter and plaques
  10. Elederly pt present with cranial arteritis
    pain acute left temple area
  11. Akinetic mutism
    pt can’t move or speak; severe frontal lobe injury, stroke or encephalitis
  12. Linear fracture
    simple, clean break in which the impacted area of bone bends inward and the area around it bends outward; most common
  13. Depressed fracture
    bone is pressed inward into the skull to at least the thickness of the skull