Physiology Body Fluids & Blood

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  1. PCV/MCV
    Packed cell volume/Mean corpuscular volume
  2. RBC/WBC
    Re/white blood corpuscle
  3. Hb
  4. MCHC
    Mean corpuscular Hb concentration
  5. EDTA
    Etheylene diamine tetraacetic acid
  6. MPS
    Mononuclear phagocytic system
  7. BPS
  8. PG
  9. NO
    Nitric oxide
  10. PL
  11. Penia (Thrombo, Leuko)
    Reduced number (decreased thrombocytes, decreased leukocytes)
  12. Volemia
    Blood volume (decreased is hypo, increased is hyper)
  13. DIC
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  14. vWD
    von Willebrand disease
  15. OSPT
    One stage prothrombin time
  16. APTT
    Activated partial thromboplastin time
  17. ACT
    Activated clotting time
  18. % solution
    Solute in gms/100ml solution
  19. Specific gravity
    Weight of blood (urine)/Weight of same volume of water
  20. Mole (molar mass or gram molecular weight)
    Molecular weight of a substance in grams (weight of 6 x 1023 molecules)
  21. Molar
    No: of moles/Kg of solvent (water)
  22. Molal
    No: of moles/Kg of solvent (water)
  23. Equivalent weight
    Weight (atomic or molecular or formula)/valence
  24. Conversions
    • mEq/L = mmol/l x valence
    • mOsm/L = mmol/L x no. of particles per molecule
  25. Osmosis
    Net movement of solvent across a semi-permeable membrane from a solution of lower to higher solute concentration
  26. Osmole
    No: of molecules in 1 mole of undissociated solute (Ex: 1 mole of NaCl = 2 osmoles)
  27. Osmolarity
    No: of osmoles/Kg of solvent (Plasma 290-310 mOsmol/Kg)
  28. Effective osmole
    Solutes that are able to effect an osmotic pressures as they can't pass through a semi-permeable membrane (eg. Glucose, NaCl)
  29. Ineffective osmole
    Solutes that are unable to effect an osmotic pressures as they can freely diffuse through a semi permeable membrane (eg. Urea)
  30. Tonicity
    Effective osmotic pressure of a solution with respect to a selectively permeable membrane
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