October 21, 2013 Vocab

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  1. although
    in spite of that fact
  2. belong
    to be the property of
  3. during
    within a period of time
  4. feathers
    something that is very lite, and part of a bird
  5. fitting
    suitable or appropriate
  6. nothing
    something that does not exist
  7. rather
    to a certain extent
  8. springing
    the act of bouncing
  9. stung
    to prick with a sharp object.  Bees and wasps do this.
  10. strength
    the state of being strong
  11. surroundings
    the area around something
  12. therefore
    as a result
  13. thorny
    the sharp part of a rose
  14. throughout
    from the beginning to the end
  15. together
    in one area or gathering
  16. drought
    a long period of time with little or no rain
  17. ecosystem
    all plants and animals that live are part of this
  18. food chain
    the chain from a food source to an ultimate consumer
  19. resources
    something that is available when you need it
  20. competition
    a contest for a prize, honor, or advantage
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