New France

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  1. What does VICEROY mean?
    person who takes the place of the King or Queen in a colony
  2. Heirarchical society?
    a society with distinct levels of authority
  3. Intendent
    high ranking government official
  4. Commoner
    someone not born to the upper classes
  5. clergy
    people trained to be religious leaders
  6. bishop
    high ranking church official, usually in charge of a district or diocese
  7. diocese
    group of churches overseen by a bishop
  8. parish
    area served by a local church
  9. lay organizations
    religious organizations run by people not by the clergy
  10. census
    official count of population
  11. Triangular Trade...Antilles to New France
  12. sugar, rum, molasses, tobacco, coffee
  13. New France to France
    furs, wood, fish
  14. France to New France
    manufactured goods
  15. France to Antilles
    manufactured goods
  16. Antilles to France
    sugar, rum, tobacco, molasses
  17. New France to Antilles
    fish, flour, peas, wood
  18. Governor
    • -makes sure kings orders sent out
    • -appointed members to the sovereign council
    • -acted like the King
    • -responsible between NF and other European groups in North American's relationship
  19. Intendent
    • -oversaw activity in colony
    • -made sure people pay taxes
    • -made sure people who disobeyed laws were punished
    • -made sure everything functioned
    • -increased trade between NF and Carribean
  20. Bishop Laval
    • -Francois de Laval was 1st bishop of NF in 1674
    • -he was ordered by Pope to organize all aspects of church in NF
  21. Sovereign Coucil
    -made rules and laws about day to day affairs in the colony
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