Psychopathy midterm

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  1. What is one way to conceptualize sychological causes of mental illness?
  2. How is mental illness diagnosis done?
    By factor analysis-analyzing a cluster of similar variables that that show a pattern. But people may have different causes and treatment of mental illness.
  3. What is marginalization?
    The social process of becoming or being made marginal (especially as a group within the larger society)
  4. What four things are considered indicators of abnormal behavior?
    If the behavior causes distress (experience of emotional or physical pain), impairment (reduction in ability to operate at optimal or average level), risk to self or other people, or if it's socially/culturally unacceptable behavior.
  5. What are three explanatory domains regarding the causes of abnormality?
    biological, psychological, sociocultural
  6. What are the biological causes of abnormality?
    genetic inheritance, medical conditions (ex. thyroid), brain damage, ingestion of substances, exposure to environmental stimuli (ex. toxins).
  7. What are the psychological causes of abnormality?
    traumatic life experiences, learned associations, distorted perceptions, faulty ways of thinking.
  8. what are the sociocultural causes of abnormality?
    disturbances in intimate relationships, problems in extended relationships, political or social unrest, discrimination towards ones social group
  9. What do scientists call the interaction of biological, psychological, and sociocultural influences on the causes of abnormality?
  10. Within the psychological realm, what are two types life experience that could cause abnormality?
    Interpersonal-between people (such as arguments)

    intrapsychic-within thoughts and feelings (irrational interpretations).
  11. What are three sociocultural circles of influence?
    • Immediate circle-those we interact with most locally
    • Extended circle-relationships such as family back home or friends from highschool
    • Larger community and society-field effects such as war, poverty and unemployment.
  12. What does the term sociocultural refer to?
    various circles of social influence in the lives of people.
  13. What is latrogenic?
    Illness caused by medical examination or treatment
  14. What are latrogenic concerns of studying psychopathy?
    Say you screwed up, or you shouldn't have this at your age/stage in life-don't want to turn against symptom and make it worse.
  15. What is the diathesis stress model (biopsycosocial perspective)?
    Proposal that people are born with a predisposition (or diathesis) that places them at risk for developing a psychological disorder if exposed to certain extremely stressful life experiences.
  16. What were some of Benjamin Rush and his contemporaries ideas about abnormal psychology?
    • -fright induced by methods would counteract mental illness
    • -bloodletting
    • -purging
    • -tranquilizer chair/reduced blood to the patient's head and limbs
    • -submerging in cold water baths
    • -Frightening patients with death
    • -well-cure-patients placed in bottom of well as water slowly poured into it.
  17. What was trephining?
    drilling holes, altering bone, for physical or mental illness
  18. What concept was used widely during the middle ages (500-1350 AD) in Europe to explain abnormal behavior?
    • Demonology
    • -Church rejected scientific forms of education and controlled education. Religious belief dominated all aspects of life, abnormality seen as a conflict between good and evil, abnormal behavior increased during the period, early demonological treatments emerged.
  19. What did the Renaissance bring?
    1400-1700 The rise of the asylum, demonological views of abnormality continued to decline, and care of people with mental disorders continued to improve.
  20. What were three
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