implant complications

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  1. 3 types of acute complications
    • venous access
    • lead placement
    • generator insertion
  2. Potential Acute Venous Access Complications
    • Pneumothorax
    • Hemothorax
    • Air embolism
    • Perforation of the heart or central vein
    • Inadvertent entry into the artery
  3. What is pneumothrorax
    Air in plural cavity that can cause a collapsed lung

    chest x ray to discover
  4. Hemothorax
    Blood in the plural cavity

    fix by applying slight pressure, drainage, surgical repair
  5. Air embolism
    Air in veins

    treat with oxygen, catheter aspiration
  6. Potential lead Placement complications
    • brady-tachy arrhthmias
    • perforation of the heart
    • damage to valves
    • damage to lead
  7. Brady-Tachy Arrythmias
    • unexpected vagal reaction
    • tickle ventricles
    • excessive anestesia
  8. Perforations
    • Internally (into another chamber)
    • Externally (pericardial space)

    Pericadiocentesis drainage may be needed
  9. Sign on lead perforation?
    Serve Sudden Hypotention
  10. Main Delayed Implant Complications
    • Patient Condition
    • Lead Placement
    • Generator Insertion
  11. Twiddlers Syndrome
    • Presents undersensing or oversensing
    • x-ray
  12. Potential Lead-Related Delayed Complications
    • Micro or macro lead dislodgement
    • Fibrosis at electrode-myocardial interface
    • infection
    • lead failure
    • pericarditis
  13. Delayed Generator-Related problems
    • Pain
    • Erosion
    • Infection of pocket
    • migration
    • premature failure
  14. Risk of Infection increases up to ___ times with every reimplant
    5 times

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implant complication
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