Physics Review Semester 1

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  1. Vector Quantity
    Quantity with magnitude and direction
  2. Scalar Quantity
    Quantity described by magnitude alone
  3. Force
    Push or pull exerted on an object, represented by F,
  4. Contact Force
    Force that requires physical contact with an object
  5. Field Force
    Force that doesn't require physical contact
  6. System
    Object of interest when a force is acting upon it
  7. Agent
    A forces identifiable cause
  8. Free Body Diagram
    Diagram representing forces acting on a system
  9. Newton's First Law
    An object that is at rest will remain at rest, and an object that is moving will continue to move in a straight line with constant speed, if and only if the net force acting on that object is zero
  10. Force: Friction
    Ff, The contact force that acts to oppose sliding motion between surfaces, Parallel to the surface and opposite the direction of sliding
  11. Force: Normal
    FN, The contact force exerted by a surface on an object, Perpendicular to and away from the surface
  12. Force: Spring
    Fsp, A restoring force; that is,the push or pull a spring exerts on an object, Opposite the displacement of the object at the end of the spring
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