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  1. Chug, chug, chug was a thing of the past.
    It was now time for Sonny to grow up.
  2. He'd seen the corporate world from the outside, biding his time, sharpening his skill set
    -- waiting, just waiting, until it was his turn.
  3. It started at Accenture, a multinational management consulting firm that provides technology and outsourcing services to the biggest of businesses.
  4. Now, I'm not sure what that exactly means, but I do know this:
    at Accenture, he put in work. And with that, the results came:
  5. a stellar professional reputation;
    increased net worth;
  6. admiration from his peers and superiors both;
    a revelry of accomplishments that brought a heightened social and economic stature.
  7. Naturally, this
    consultant of consultants,
  8. this leader of leaders,
    the driver of the driven ...
  9. he was desired by every consulting firm out there.
    Fortunately for Cognizant, he chose them.
  10. And at Cognizant, it was more of the same domination.
    Now, he hired me at Cognizant as a consultant --
  11. thank you for that, by the way --
    so I had a first-hand view of Sonny the Professional.
  12. And I can speak from personal experience when I say
    that the very same man that you see take over a living room,
  13. a backyard,
    the back room of a restaurant,

    • a rented hall with a mic in hand,
    • or wherever you remember a speech that left you breathless,

    • that same guy commands that sky rise office building conference room
    • like it's his personal playground.

    • Seemingly effortlessly, Sonny was promoted in record time,
    • and he currently directs the office like a movie director -- think,

    • Christopher Nolan / Dark Knight level of direction.
    • And now,
  14. this same drive
    that led him to steer towards
  15. the top of the corporate world
    is the same drive that's leading him
  16. towards the top of another pursuit:
    successful businesses.
  17. And with every business that he starts,
    this once beer-chugging collegian
  18. is now becoming a sophisticated,
    refined drinker ...
  19. excuse me,
    sipper, of ....
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