Equine Dentistry

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  1. What are the 3 types of teeth horses have?
    • molars
    • incisors
    • canines
  2. How many incisors do horses have?
    • six upper
    • six lower
  3. How many canines do horses have?
    • 4 canines
    • only in geldings and stallions
  4. How many molars do horses have?
  5. How many premolars do horses have?
  6. How does the Galvayne's groove help determine age?
    • first appears at the gum line in the middle of the upper incisors and appears as a dark line when a horse is 10 years old
    • each year it extends down a little more until age 20
    • when horse turns 20, it begins disappearing from top to bottom until horse is 30
  7. How do you know a horse is 3?
    center incisors are permanent
  8. How do you know a horse is 5?
    all incisors are permanent
  9. How do you know a horse is 9?
    • all incisors permanent
    • teeth have dental stars and a triangular table
    • top center¬†incisors lose dental cups

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