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  1. (C) Virginia
    • (D) Pennsylvania
    • (E) Rhode Island

    • 24. Great Britain's conquest of French North America was facilitated by which of the following?
    • (A) The large number of English-speaking settlers in Canada.
    • (B) The discovery of the Northwest Passage.
    • (C) The thin settlement of France's North American colonies.
    • (D) The munitions industry in England's Atlantic Seaboard colonies.
    • (E) The Battle of Austerlitz.

    • 25. Benjamin Franklin's advice to eighteenth century American colonists that hard work and thrift would lead them to wealth was an appropriate formula for the time because:
    • (A) taxes on income were needed by the government to raise revenues.
    • (B) land scarcity and a rapidly growing population seriously curtailed economic opportunities.
    • (C) most people of the period were unusually gullible and thus easily motivated by slogans and proverbs.
    • (D) formal education and specialized skills were less necessary to economic success than they would later become.
    • (E) legal restraints on the inheritance of wealth were increasing.
  2. 48. After 1763, changes in the British imperial system threatened the interests of which of the following groups of American colonists?
    • I. Land speculators with interests west of the Appalachians
    • II. Newspaper editors and lawyers
    • III. Farmers wishing to settle in the Ohio River Valley
    • IV. Boston smugglers
    • (A) III only
    • (B) IV only
    • (C) I and III only
    • (D) I, III, and IV only
    • (E) I, II, III, IV

    • 49. The Stamp Act of 1765 was designed to:
    • (A) increase colonial postal rates.
    • (B) establish a colonial mint to stamp out silver coins.
    • (C) facilitate British postal censorship of colonial mails.
    • (D) establish a colonial postal service.
    • (E) increase British tax revenue from the colonies.

    • 50. The French government supported the American Revolution primarily because:
    • (A) There was general support for the political ideals of the Englightenment in France.
    • (B) an American victory would enable France to recapture Canada.
    • (C) Benjamin Franklin and his scientific achievements inspired the admiration of the French.
    • (D) France wished to reduce the British empire and gain influence in North America.
    • (E) France's ally, Spain, was eager to recapture Gibralter from Britain.
  3. (E) "Old Fuss and Feathers."
    • 73. The Cumberland Trail connects:
    • (A) the Northwest Territory with New Orleans.
    • (B) Cincinnati with Louisville.
    • (C) Omaha with Kansas City.
    • (D) Tulsa with Little Rock.
    • (E) Baltimore with Wheeling.

    • 74. The Harford Convention pertains to which of the following?
    • (A) Importation of slaves until 1808, Three-Fifths Compromise, Elastic Clause, and "due process."
    • (B) Petition by grievances, "All men are created equal", inalienable rights, and consent of the governed.
    • (C) Opposition to slavery, opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Fugitive Slave Law, and the protective tariff.
    • (D) Two-thirds vote to declare war, omission of slaves from the census, one term for presidents, and opposition to the War of 1812.
    • (E) Sovereignty of each state, indivisibility of sovereignty, null and void, and the union as a compact among states.

    • 75. That it aided financial operations of the government is true about:
    • (A) Jefferson's economic policy.
    • (B) rechartering the Second National Bank of 1816.
    • (C) Jackson's economic policy.
    • (D) the internal improvement policy of 1815.
    • (E) the economic basis of sectionalism.
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