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  1. Sources of Human Experience
    • private apprehended reality
    • shared apprehended reality
    • dreams and nightmares
    • shared visions
    • natural environment
    • social life
  2. apprehended reality
    • encounters with dead ancestors
    • paradeath observations and reports
  3. factual or descriptive language
    language intended to reared or reflect external reality
  4. conceptual or dialectic language
    • language of speculation and theory intended to allow connections between elements – logic, causality, and arrangement
    • more prominent than the data upon which they are based
  5. persuasive language
    • language intended to emphasize the emotions of both author (orator) and audience
    • rhetorical and ideological
    • attempts to move audience toward action
  6. mythic or literary language
    language where there is no dividing line between emotion and intellect, between the subjective reality of the mind and the objective world of facts.
  7. Principles of Sacred Science
    • nonlocality
    • observer participance
    • uncertainty
    • complementarity
    • oneness
    • levels of reality
    • relative timelessness
    • growth energy fields
    • entropy
    • chaos
  8. nonlocality
    knowledge that we are all everywhere and part of everything
  9. observer participancy
    believing is seeing
  10. uncertainty principle
    • uncertainty keeps the door open for the possibility for change
    • in the absence of certainty there is always hope
  11. complementarity
    • creative strength comes from a holographic or complete view of life rather than a one-sided image.
    • there is always more than one side and multiple perspectives for everything
    • need contrast to see anything
  12. oneness
    • Everything in the cosmos is inseparable
    • the experience of nonlocality
  13. levels of reality
    • our see-and-touch world as well as the planes that transcend that
    • altered states of consciousness
  14. relative timelessness
    • The celebration of every moment free of ticking clocks
    • not oblivious to time, but it doesn't dictate
    • includes synchronicity or the confluence of meaningful coincidences
  15. growth energy
    • All living things exist within growth energy fields that influence their development
    • mental disorders come from our environments
  16. entropy
    • everything and everyone is in the process of falling apart
    • only falling apart so we can fall together again in a different and higher order
    • movement through chaos: a dynamic momentum, not a passive victimization
  17. chaos
    • there is a remarkable, stunning order within chaos
    • gives rise to monstrous moments
  18. monstrous moments
    affect, determine, or explain a major life decision or transition
  19. individual body
    • the person or individual
    • imbued with the desire to flow, creative responses, capacity to resist
    • mediated by emotion
  20. desire to flow
    the desire to connect or merger with others and with the world
  21. social body
    provides meaningful categories and inscribes them upon the individual body
  22. body politic
    • shapes the social body through inscription
    • disciples the individual body into conformity
  23. emotion as a mediator
    • the will to do things, motivation
    • has more of an effect over the three bodies than reason
    • emotion is transformational via the conflict between the Desire to Flow and the Capacity to Resist
  24. spirit
    • seeks an outward journey
    • aka yang, animus
  25. soul
    • seeks rootedness and home
    • aka yin, anima
  26. numinous
    adj. mysterious, holy, spiritual
  27. resonance
    • power of objects to reach out beyond its formal boundaries
    • evokes cultural history to pull at you
    • feels comfortable
  28. wonder
    • power of an object to arrest and exalt
    • awestruck
  29. ineffable
    difficult to put into words
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