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  1. myths
    • narratives explaining how the world came to be in its present form
    • generally deal with sacred origins that predate the beginning of human history
    • express the most fundamental values
    • without changing the words, the interpretation can change over generations
  2. legends
    • narratives that are generally understood to have some basis either in historical events or events that are anticipated in the future
    • creation of the narrative gives the events meaning
  3. master narrative
    • postmodernism tern
    • totalizing ideological system
    • self-legitimizing
    • eg. national narratives
  4. hegemony
    • the processes by which dominant cultures maintains its dominant position
    • appears natural and is therefore impossible to challenge
    • society is enculturated via education, ads, parades, military force
  5. body politic
    agencies of state institutions
  6. General Custer
    • fakelore of martyr who sacrificed self for the cause of purifying America
    • actually an idiot general who mismanaged his force and was killed by the Native Peoples challenging colonial power
  7. Perestroika
    • overcoming of a stagnation process, mass initiative (Russia post-communism)
    • time of uncertainty for older Russians who lost economic security
    • russian bureaucracy used persuasive language while the people used mythic language
  8. Mesopotamia: The Social Body
    • myth of Enki and Ninhursag
    • Enki produced children with great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother
    • last daughter plants his seeds in the earth and they bloom
    • Enki eats the seeds and gets sick
    • Ninhursag brings him back into herself and rebirths him
    • *origin of the world and the life within it
  9. Mesopotamia: The Body Politic
    • myth of Gilgamesh
    • he leaves the garden to go exploring, has epic adventures, returns and becomes king
  10. Mesopotamia: The Individual Body
    • myth of the descent of Inanna
    • she descents into the underworld and then tries to return
    • return is not allowed because numbers in the afterlife can only increase
    • nursemaid offers to take her place, but Inanna offers husband instead
  11. chthonic
    • underworld
    • looks like ruins, home of ghosts, comfort for the should
    • journey into self to find home
  12. primordial homes
    • commonly a utopian garden
    • that a garden (enclosed yard) is hidden adds an air of mystery
    • involves "believing is seeing" and "levels of reality"
    • eg. Eden
  13. gardens
    • enchanted places - spirit of nature and elemental spirits
    • believing is seeing, levels of reality, growth energy fields, timelessness, transformation, consistency, non-locality
    • place for contemplation nod connection with the earth
    • feeds and heals the body
    • living being in need of nurturing
    • eternal returning and cycle of life
    • chthonic symbol
  14. sound and silence
    • home is full of sound
    • ears are the portals of the soul
    • must listen to the sounds that harm us
    • meditative rhythms are a way to connect to the soul through sound
    • music can change how we feel
    • silent listening is a type of active participation
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