Medical Transcription Editing Industry

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  1. We know the traditional transcription process looks like this:
    A doctor dictates his report.

    The medical transcriptionist (MT) accesses the audio report.

    As the MT listens to the report, he/she transcribes the report and creates an electronic text version.

    The MT reviews and proofreads the report to make sure it is accurate and complete.
  2. The workflow in back-end speech recognition looks like this
    A doctor dictates his report.

    A dictation system runs the voice dictation through a speech recognition engine that converts the voice to text (the text will be in electronic format).

    The MTE queues up the voice dictation AND the text report.

    The MTE listens to the dictation while reading/proofing/editing/verifying the text report.
  3. Some reasons for the increasing need for medical transcription editors include the following:
    Federal legislation pushing for more comprehensive electronic medical records

    Improving technology, thus improving speech recognition accuracy

    Better efficiency in medical records process

    Better accuracy in medical records
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