Drugs in Pregnancy

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  1. What is the balanced prenatal supplement recommended for pregnant females?
    • 30-60 mg elemental iron
    • 0.5-0.8 mg folic acid
  2. Iron deficient women need more iron during which trimesters?
    • 1st and 3rd trimester -Hgb <11 and HCT <33%
    • 2nd trimester - Hgb <10.5 and HCT <32%
  3. What happens when iron is given on an empty stomach and/or on an empty stomach?
    • reduced when taken with food
    • cause stomach upset when stomach is empty
    • **recommended to take with food
  4. iron is usually constipating, co-administration of what is helpful?
    docusate (Colase) 100 mg BID
  5. Proper folic acid levels during pregnancy reduce chances of what?
    • Neural tube defects
    • *folic acid is essential for DNA and RNA synthesis
  6. Neural tube defects normally occur when?
    during the first month of pregnancy
  7. if the mother has previously had a child with neural tube defects, what is the recommendation for folic acid?
    4mg/day starting 1 month before conception through the first three months
  8. Phenothiazines (for nausea and vomiting) can cross the placenta so tetragenicity is a potential risk, but considered safe in low doses.  What are the meds used to tx N/V in pregnant females?
    • Phenegran
    • Compazine
    • Zofran
  9. 10-30% women have constipation during pregnancy.  What are the recommendations and/or medications used to tx constipation and what medications should be avoided?
    • Increase fluid, exercise and increase bulk in diet with veggies, fruits and fiber. 
    • Docusate (Colace)- in two doses for stool softner
    • Metamucil (bulking agent)
    • AVOID: stimulant laxatives (bisacodyl (dulcolax), senna and enemas
  10. Reflux
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