READING PGS 88 - 174 C 5 TO C 8

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  1. except
    • antonym with : - not only... but also
    • and
  2. to recognize
    nhan ra
  3. packing food
    putting food into boxes
  4. equipped with mean
    has , trang bi voi
  5. senior citizens
    are people who are 65 years old or older
  6. to replace
    thay the
  7. announced mean
  8. These robot do not look like people, but they can work just as hard!
    robots can do the same work as people
  9. conduct (n.) behavior, comportment
    hanh vi - thai do

    ex: Good conduct is expected (mong cho) of students in school
  10. conduct(n.) : the process(qua trinh) of doing something
  11. ex: the conduct of diplomacy(ngoai giao)/the conduct of bussiness
  12. conduct(vt.) behave (cu xu)
    the students conducted themselves well in class today
  13. conduct(vt.) to do s.t
    that store conducts business from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  14. conduct (v i/t.) to direct an orchestra, band, etc.
    he conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra
  15. assemble (v.) (-bled,-bling,-bles)
    (vt.) to put together, make
    the workers in that factory assemble trucks
  16. assemble(vi.) to gather(tap hop) come together
    The crowd assembled in the meeting hall
  17. recognize (vt.)  (-nized,-nizing,-nizes)
    to recall, remember s.o or s.t. when one sees or hears that person or thing
    I recognized an old friend in a crowd and waved to her
  18. recognize (v.) in a formal meeting, to give s.o a chance to speak
    The chairwoman recognized me and I told the committee my opinion.

    recognizably (adv.)
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