describing dem music shits

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  1. Heterophonic texture:Results from all singing the same tune, but 1. enter at different times, 2. sing at different pace (polyrhythms) 3. ornament differently, 4. melody is melismatic (syllables of text are drawn out over many notes)
    describing gospel music
  2. Not call-and-response● Texture polyphonic rather than heterophonic texture● More serious and solemn than ecstatic ● Less melismatic--Syllabic, more constrained in both the music and the purpose; public behavior was conservative
    describing praise music
  3. describing work music
    • leader and followers (call and response)
    • follows rhythm of work, not meter
  4. more of learning : oral tradition
    has swing=poly meter to triple meter
    blues descriptions
  5. Blues musicians learn genre very well, its “stock phrases”, proverbs, poetic double entendres, develop a sense of the prhasing and chord changes.
    more blues describers
  6. vocables
    some swing due to drum beat usually being different from song meter
    american indian music
  7. describing le postal workers
    polyrhythms● rhythmic phrases--cyclic, repeat● work music
  8. music-making events2. usually multimedia (includes dance, arts, poetry, etc.)3. melody--European influenced4. rhythm--polyrhythmic, repetition with variation, improvised sections5. context: participatory, not exclusive6. beliefs and values: art and music as part of everyday life
    sub saharan african music
  9. belief about music and funeral ritual● Original occasion for piece was war (shows change over time)● Learning--”enculturation” ● polyphonic--more than one sound on each instrument● polyrhythmic--feeling can be 4 or 6● kalidescope effect--depending on what you listen to as the beat, can reorient the beats of each part or the whole● Drum language● Text , call-and-response
    describing agbekor
  10. social organization2. status musicians 3. music--form of education, keeping history alive, oral tradition, morals,
    describing lambango
  11. describing arabic music
    Distinct elements of both African and Arab musics fuse in this music:○ Zagareet (high-pitched, trill calls by women)○ bendir (frame drums, “ladies’ instrument”)○ Nafirs (long trumpets, play ostinato or repeated pattern on a single tone)
  12. describing arabic singing
    Zagareet by women (ululation)
  13. -double reed, two pipes: melody and drone. not mijwiz
  14. classical music of the north
  15. Continuity or continuous sound (drone, circular breathing)
    Percussion--punctuating the music, sudden flourishes with some continuous beatkeeping
  16. ●Ragam (melodic modes) and Talam (metric cycles)
    ●KRITIS:The singer is accompanied by violin and mridangam.compositions passed down orally
  17. Alapana--improvisation section, introduces raga
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