Carbohydrate Sugars

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  1. Structure of Glucose
  2. Molecular Formula for Glucose?
    CH12 O6
  3. Structure of Fructose?
  4. Molecular formula for Fructose?
    CH12 O6
  5. What is a disaccharide?
    2 monomers put together
  6. What is the disaccharide sucrose made from?
    • Fructose and Glucose - 
  7. What is the Disaccharide Lactose made from?
    Galactose + Glucose
  8. Why do Fructose and Glucose act differently despite having the same molecular formula?
    Because the molecules are arranged differently (Fructose has 2 external carbons; Glucose has 1 external carbon)
  9. Polysaccharide
    A polymer consisting of amino acid monomers covalently bonded together
  10. Example of a polysaccharide
  11. Cellulose representation
  12. Functions of Polysaccharides
    • Energy storage molecules
    • Structural support
  13. Equation for Condensation Synthesis and Hydrolysis?
    H2O ⇌ H+ OH-
  14. Condensation Synthesis?
    • Removal Water - To join monomers e.g. fructose and glucose to make sucrose
  15. Hydrolysis?
    • Addition of water - To break apart polymers into monomers
  16. Amylose Representation
  17. Amylopectin Representation
  18. Molecular Formula for Carbohydrates?
    CH2n On
  19. Where are Polysaccharides stored?
    Chloroplasts where light energy is collected and where photosynthesis takes place. During photosynthesis starch id hydrolised into glucose for energy.
  20. 2 types of glucose?
    Alpha and Beta
  21. What type of glucose is cellulose made from?
  22. What does Beta Glucose look like?
  23. What does alpha glucose look like?
  24. How beta glucose joins to form cellulose?
  25. What is the name of the covalent bond formed in a condensation reaction?
    Glycosidic bond

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Carbohydrate Sugars
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