Micro Exam 2 practice quiz

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    What kind of media is TSA?
  2. What kind of media is blood agar?
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    What kind of media is EMB?
    Selective and Differential
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    What Kind of media is Chocolate Agar?
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    What kind of media is PDA?
    Enriched technique used b/c incubation conditions. We incubated at room temp for 7days to promote FUNGAL growth.
  6. What is the name of how the tube media was prepared?
  7. What kind of microbes are found in ground beef?
    Coliforms bacteria
  8. What kind of microbes are found in raisins?
    Yeast and Fungi
  9. Were any microbes found in frozen peas?
  10. What is the application to public health of this experiment?
    Epidemiology, Food recalls, public health alerts, Food borne illness
  11. 1.What is the application in a medical setting?

    2. What kind of treatments were used?
    1. Blood draw, Vaccine administration, any needle puncture of skin

    2. Alcohol pads and dipping alcohol
  12. What Kind of bacteria did we use?
  13. Staphlococcus aureus is shown with paper disk dipped in?
    Iodine(I), Hydrogen Peroxide (H), and Mouthwash (M)
  14. 1.The zone for inhibition was largest for Staphylococcus aureus with the paper disks dipped in  I, H,M was?

    2. Which had no inhibition zone? Why?

    3. The Halo around the H may have been caused by?
    1.I (Iodine) and H (Hydrogen Peroxide), Indicating that both were effective.

    2. M (Mouthwash), Mouthwash had no zone because the effects last less than an hour, and growth can resume.

    3. Halo around the H (Hydrogen Peroxide) may have been caused by bubbling commonly associated with H (Hydrogen Peroxide).
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